3-part universal knee splint with anti-slip silicone Immobilisation of the knee joint in 0° of extension or 20° of flexion

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SUPROknee Advantages at a Glance

SUPROknee Advantages at a Glance
  • Three-part orthosis: Optimised adaptation to the circumference of the thigh and calf thanks to three-part design
  • Helpful scales: Positioning aid when adjusting to the thigh and calf circumference
  • Anti-slip silicone bobbles: Anti-slip effect in the calf area
  • Orange-coloured belts: Orientation aid when putting on
  • Anti-slip silicone in the calf area preventing slipping of the orthosis
  • Easy putting on: The product is supplied with the ideal default setting that suits around 50% of patients
  • Helpful scales on the orthosis assist with adaptation to the thigh and calf circumference
  • Orange-coloured strap below the knee serves as an orientation aid when putting the orthosis on, including for patients
  • Allergy-tested material
  • Securely fastening and user-friendly Velcro fasteners

SUPROknee Indications

SUPROknee Indications
  • Conservative treatment for lateral ligament lesions
  • Cruciate ligament instabilities
  • Meniscus damage
  • Traumatic or degenerative knee joint changes
  • Patellar luxation
  • Post-traumatic/post-operative immobilisation

SUPROknee Instruction for Use

SUPROknee Instruction for Use
Designation Length
SUPROknee 0° extension 40 cm
SUPROknee 0° extension 50 cm
SUPROknee 0° extension 60 cm
SUPROknee 20° flexion 40 cm
SUPROknee 20° flexion 50 cm
SUPROknee 20° flexion 60 cm
Please download the SUPROknee instruction for use:

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